Stock up on dairy, beef and more...raised right here in your neighborhood.

Open year-round
Everyday 7am to 8pm
58 Forget Road, Hawley, MA

While you’re here, feel free to take a walk around the farm, and meet our friendly herd of milk cows – they love visitors, and some of them are real show-offs! There’s a farm map in the shop that will show you where to find our girls when they are out on pasture. There are lots of great picnic spots, so pick up some snacks from the farm shop, find your spot, spread a blanket, and enjoy the views

What You'll Find

  • Raw Milk (in both glass and plastic bottles)

  • Yogurt (quarts and 6oz cups)

  • Sour cream

  • Grass-fed beef

  • Pastured pork (in fall and winter)

  • Our own Schoolhouse Cheddar cheese

In addition, we carry a yummy selection of farm products produced by our friends on nearby farms:



To help you keep your products cold, we sell insulated tote bags.  These bags are a real bargain at $5 each, and can be used time and again for any perishable product.


The Honor System

Our farm store is self-serve and on the honor system. We are blessed to have customers who respect our hard work, and leave the correct payment for food they take.

Help us make it work:

  • Feel free to shop, choose products, and leave your money in the cash box located on the table next to the door.

  • We ask that any large bills be put into the locked box mounted to the wall.

  • Checks are fine, as long as they have your phone number.

  • We do not take credit cards at this time.

Thank you for allowing us to live in a community that thrives on mutual trust and respect!