Welcome to Sidehill Farm

Our small, family-run dairy produces fresh, delicious, certified organic yogurt from the milk of our grass-fed cows. We live and farm on a little piece of big sky country right at the top of the Berkshire Hills – 225 acres of gorgeous certified organic pastures and hayfields, with plenty of space for our Normande and Jersey cows to graze and kick up their heels. 

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Semi-regular musings on grasses, farmers, and the cows that love them. 

Gorgeous Grass

At Sidehill Farm, we are constantly improving our systems, so that they flow more directly from the examples we see in nature.

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Happy Cows

Our cows thrive on a grass-based diet; their milk is rich in both butterfat and protein; they are hardy and live long, productive lives.

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Delicious Products

Our yogurt starts with just two ingredients — the sweet, high-protein milk from our grass-fed cows, and a blend of probiotic cultures.

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