Halves and Quarters of Normande Grass-fed Beef!

In France, Normande cow milk, and the cheese and butter made from it, are considered a national treasure. In the same way that only sparkling wines made in Champagne can be called champagne, only milk from Normande cows in Normandy can be use the coveted label Le Lait Pur de Normandie. But a more closely guarded secret, is the fact that among French gourmets, Normande beef is considered the finest beef in France. Traditionally raised on pasture and hay instead of grain, the beef finishes beautifully on the sweet summer grasses we have here in New England, and doesn't need to be force-fed corn in a feedlot in order to develop it's deep flavor and tenderness. The beef is lean, and full of old-time rich, beefy flavor.

Despite the very dry conditions this summer, our beautiful Normande steers have been chowing down on our lush organic pastures, and are looking fat and glossy going into the fall! This fall, we are offering quarters and halves of our flavorful Normande grass-fed beef for those of you who would like to buy in bulk and save some money. In your quarter or half, you will receive a range of cuts, from fancy steaks like tenderloin, ribeye, NY strip, and sirloin, to roasts, stew meat, and ground beef. All meat is vacuum sealed in individual packages - one steak or roast to a package, and ground and stew in approximately one pound packages. If you are ordering  a whole cow (share with friends!), we can customize the cut list to your specifications. Quarters will weigh 100 lbs and cost $7.50/lb, for a total cost of $750. Halves will weigh twice that, but at only $7.25/lb. for a total cost of $1450. This year, we will also be offering the opportunity to add on 30 lb boxes of ground beef for $180 - that's $6/lb. 

The animals that we raise for beef are treated exactly the same as we treat our milking herd. The calves are raised by their mothers or by nurse cows, drinking milk and grazing fresh green grass. Once they are weaned at 5 months, they are out on pasture full time with their herdmates. Since Normande beef often takes longer than American beef breeds to develop it’s full, rich flavor, the beef animals stay with the herd, grazing certified organic pasture in summer and eating organic hay in winter, until they are 28 to 30 months old.

We have a limited number of animals ready to harvest this fall, so be sure to place your order soon to make sure you get on the list! To reserve a quarter or half, please send an email to amy@sidehillfarm.net by Monday, October 17th  Once we get your email, we will ask for a $100 deposit to hold your order - the balance will be due on pickup day. Pickup day at the farm will be in early November - most likely on Saturday Nov 4th.