Rocky smells spring in the air!

Even up here in Hawley, we are really beginning to believe that it is spring!

The crocuses are up and blooming, and the daffodils are not far behind. The massive snowbanks - even the one that crashed off the barn roof, blasting open the door and filling the milking parlor with snow and burying it up to the roof, have faded into trickling streams of water.  The ice is off the pond. The peepers have returned to the swamp. The cows know that pasture is coming soon - they can smell the impending green in the same way we can see those slight shifts of light and hue that tell us the grass is really going to grow again this year. They can smell it, and by the gazes of longing out the barn windows, we suspect a plot afoot for an escape... Just a couple weeks girls - there's nothing out there to eat yet!

We are approaching the close of our first full year at the farm in Hawley, and to celebrate, we decided it was time to update the website!

The new site is much more dynamic - we can change photos to show you the newest and cutest calves, the glorious long evening light during haying, the latest shenanigans the cows have been up to. Some of the text is the same - we are the same old Sidehill farm after all - and we still feel the way we always have about health, and natural systems, and stewardship of the land. But now we have pages that introduce the personalities that make up our fabulous Team Sidehill, that explain the history of the farm, that share the absurdities of living with cows, and that help you easily find places to buy yogurt!

And photos! We think this farm is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and now we can share lots of photos of all those gorgeous moments of light and color we come across nearly every day. We think the new site accurately captures the spirit of what goes on here - lots of projects, lots of energy, lots of teamwork, all surrounded by this amazingly beautiful slice of glorious grass and endless sky. We are truly blessed, and we want to share it with you!

So take a little time to explore this site - and hopefully it will inspire you to come up and visit!