Amy Klippenstein

Farm Shop Manager, Head Milker, Sour Cream and Butter Enthusiast

Amy had a crazy dream one night that she was a dairy farmer – how funny! Last she knew she was vegetable farmer who loved growing greenhouse tomatoes and salad greens. Now, in between milking cows, ordering delicious treats for the farm shop, and helping Paul fix things, she is plotting to bring veggies back into the Sidehill product mix. But she has to admit, she is pretty darn fond of those cows, poopy tails and all.



Paul Lacinski

Head Yogurt Consumer, Source of All the Trouble

This was all Paul’s idea – him and his four-quart-a-week yogurt habit. In between making hay, fixing things, moving cows, and fixing more things, Paul dreams of growing figs and red wine grapes in greenhouses here in western Mass. He’d also to breed a cow that goes on vacation in the summer so he could paddle the entire length of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail in his beloved Jensen canoe.


Dave Nelson

big rig driver

Dave recently told us that every winter, he tromps up and down the logging road behind his house on snowshoes, carving out a sled run that would excite even an Olympic luge contender. Why? So when his wife Carol comes home from her accounting office, she can blow off steam by taking a few crazy sled runs in the dark. Now that's a mental health plan we can support! But thinking of others is all in day's work for Dave - he's definitely in the running for nicest guy in the world. When he's not building sled runs or hauling tractor-trailer loads of feed or bedding for us, he's playing drums for his band, Swing Caravan, teaching drum lessons to kids, or doing a little freelance backhoe work.


Shahid Jalil

Yogurt maker

Shahid grew up spending time gardening and cooking with his mother and sister, and has been making his own yogurt since he was a child. Now, after ten years “on vacation” as a white water raft guide, snowboard instructor, mountain biker, and runner, Sha is back making yogurt, although on a much larger scale than he ever imagined during those days in the kitchen with his family! On his days off, Shahid continues all of his outdoor adventures, only now with 4 year old Josephine and baby Haris riding shotgun on the stand-up paddleboard. You can’t miss Sha when you come to visit – he’s the one with the extraordinary collection of colorful knee socks, and the laugh you can hear all over the farm.


Chris Ryan

Yogurt maker and production Management assistant

When Chris isn’t making yogurt, he’s making gourmet meals to bring to work and make his co-workers envious, camping off trail, strumming his guitar and singing songs stolen from the radio, or destroying shuttlecocks on the badminton court. He plans to travel more so that he can bless the masses with his beautiful guitar playing and possibly win more badminton titles. Chris also works part time for Appalachian Naturals, a fabulous local salad dressing and marinade company. 


Craig Lavarreda

production manager

He might have hung up his racing skis, but Craig doesn’t seem to have suffered for either velocity or accuracy in the switch to street shoes. Craig is the only member of Team Sidehill who regularly wears Spandex, which we can forgive, seeing as he’s also the only one who thinks that a lunch break should include a quick bike ride from the farm to the summit of Mount Greylock and back. It’s a good thing he has that much energy - after making sure 1500 gallons of milk per week are made into delicious Sidehill Farm yogurt, he still has to go home and keep up with future speedsters Jasper, Marlowe, and baby Harper for the rest of his waking hours.  


Steven Walker

Farm shop caretaker, Equipment operator

If you visit the farm shop on weekends, you will certainly have a chance to chat with Steven. He's the guy who looks and smiles and laughs like Santa Claus, but after Santa got serious about being on a fitness program. Steven loves to get to know a little about each customer, so feel free to strike up a conversation - especially about birds, because he knows a lot! He'll happily help you carry your purchases to the car, hold the door for you, or tell you where to find the cows. Plus, he keeps the forces of farm shop entropy at bay, fixing all little things that the rest of us don't have time for. 

Dennis Patterson

Delivery Driver

When he’s not driving the SideHill delivery truck, you’ll find Dennis whipping up fabulous breakfasts at the Bird’s Nest Bed and Breakfast in Buckland, which he owns along with his wife Cyndy and mother-in-law Pat. The only guy we know who can wear a Hawaiian shirt with plaid shorts and not cause fashion chaos, Dennis arrives each morning armed with wry humor, the ability to leap annoying nonsense in a single bound, and the certainty that the human race will no doubt entertain him again today. 


Ken Miller


Every dairy farm needs a retired dairy farmer, and Ken is ours. When the hay is ready to be mown and baled, when equipment is down, or just when we dig ourselves in too deep to dig ourselves out, Ken is there for us. Ken and his wife Barb have taught us that in the end, the take-home prize is the loyalty and companionship, the rhythm of the work, and the ability to laugh at the unbelievable absurdity of it all.





Brian Brownell

Assistant Yogurt Maker

Each year, we are sure to observe National Onion Ring Day (June 22nd) with the whole Sidehill crew. In 2016, Brian won Most Enthusiastic Consumer of Onion Rings Award – an honor never before earned by someone in their rookie year. And now, a couple of years on, Brian's record is still standing. When he’s not putting the finishing touches on a batch of yogurt , Brian is a passionate forager of mushrooms and other wild edibles, a roamer of forests, a GCC student studying Food and Farming, and a more successful fisherman than Paul.



Susanne Schmidt

Milk Bottler

If you come to the farm shop on Wednesdays or Fridays, you will probably run into Susanne (say it like ‘Susannah’) - you’ll know her by her German accent, and the fact that she’s the only person on the whole crew who is tall enough to reach things on top or the refrigerators! Susanne is building a local reputation as a dog trainer through her training classes and client work, and you may see her walking up and down Forget Road with her Australian shepherd Maddy.






Phil Lussier

Milk Hauler

Phil is a retired high school teacher, and thanks to that 30 year career, has not only a sense of humor about everything, but the astonishing patience that comes from years of exposure to teenage shenanigans and brilliance. So while Phil would probably prefer to be spending his retirement skiing, canoeing, and taking long-distance bike rides, he's driving truckloads of yogurt and milk around western mass two days a week. Partly because he thinks it's fun. Partly because he gets to ride his bike up 1000' in elevation to get to work. But we suspect that it's mostly because it makes his wife Faye think he's not spending his whole retirement goofing off.