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Our certified organic yogurt is available by the Quart or as 6 ounce cups in a variety of naturally delicious flavors

Whole Milk Plain
Low Fat Plain
Whole Milk Maple
Low Fat Vanilla
Low Fat Maple (6 oz. only)

Sidehill Farm yogurt starts with just two ingredients — the sweet, high-protein milk from our grass-fed cows, and a blend of probiotic cultures. From there, it just gets better...


Grass-Fed on Certified Organic Pasture

We believe that the best way to produce tasty and healthy yogurt is to start with excellent milk, and excellent milk comes only from healthy, happy cows. At Sidehill Farm, our friendly Normande and Jersey cows move onto a fresh patch of certified organic pasture after each milking. Our girls have names instead of numbers, and in exchange for good grass, clean water, and a lot of ear-scratching, they give rich, high-protein milk that is excellent for yogurt. All that mineralized, high energy grass mean our yogurt is high in omega 3 fatty acids, conjugated linoleic acid, and other proteins, vitamins, and minerals necessary for building a healthy body.



Our yogurt is made right here on the farm. That delicious grass-fed milk goes from the cow to the yogurt-making room, and on to your fridge as yogurt in only a few days. You can taste the freshness in every container.



We're the only yogurt made in Massachusetts - so you know it's local, and hasn't been trucked from halfway across the country.



We don’t use hormones, antibiotics, or anything else weird on our cows. We also don't use weird stuff in our yogurt. We do not add fish oil or industrially produced additives to increase the omega-3 count of our yogurt, and we don’t add pectin, starch, or other food industry thickening agents. The smooth, creamy texture of our yogurt is reliant on natural cultures working with the high protein milk of our Normande and Jersey cows.


No sugar

Our plain yogurts have no added sugar. All sweetening of Sidehill Farm flavored yogurt is with real certified organic maple syrup, produced by our neighbors at Snowshoe Farm in Worthington. We use certified organic vanilla to produce our vanilla yogurt. These are all ingredients that we feel good about and enjoy eating — and we hope that you do, too!



Our yogurt has a smooth, creamy texture, and a fresh mild taste that even yogurt skeptics love!